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Vortex Programmeerbare CDI + ECU Module crf250 14

Vortex Programmeerbare ECU Module is voorgeprogrammeerd met 10 verschillende brandstof en ontsteking mappen, dus al het werk is al gedaan! De installatie is plug en play en je hoeft geen kabels te veranderen. Word gebruikt door verschillende gp teams zoals Geico honda en Monster energy Kawasaki.

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The ECU is like our CDI and EFI Interceptor rolled into one module controlling not only Spark timing and Voltage output but also Fuel Mapping and other engine management functions. The result is more power, better power, easier starting and ultimately faster lap times.

This unit comes pre-programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Spark timing maps as well as having 3 additional switches for user trimming of Fuel in Lo, Mid and Hi throttle openings.

The ECU plugs directly into the bikes standard wiring harness and interfaces with all the standard engine sensors such as ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature), IAT (Intake Air Temperature), MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure), TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), CPS (Crank Position Sensor) to adjust fuel and spark timing for optimum power delivery in all weather, altitude and load conditions.

Performance gains vary depending on Throttle and RPM points however typically gains are in Top End power and Bottom End throttle response is expected from the "Power" settings and a smoother more tractable or rideable power from the "Traction" settings.

We have done extensive work to include tune parameters which improve starting and almost eliminate the flameouts experienced with some EFI MX bikes. All of the development work is done for you! All that is left is for you to do is chose a setting that best suits your riding style or track conditions and ride!

The ECU is also fully programmable (Software not supplied) with parameters that are far more extensive than those found in any factory setting tools, such as Rev Limits, Throttle Enrichment & Decay time, Fuel timing, High Resolution Mapping, Dwell Time, Voltage Output and trim tables for cold starting, air intake temperature (IAT), Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT), Barometric Pressure, Battery voltage, etc...

In addition there is real time logging & graphing of many parameters (when combined with the ECU Software - not included)

Note 1: As with all Vortex products we offer a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects

Note 2: The ECU does not come standard with a handlebar switch as this is an optional extra. There is no need for a switch eliminator when not running the handlebar switch as with our other CDI products

Key Features:

  • Pre Programmed with 10 Performance Fuel & Ignition maps - all the work is done for you!
  • Instant Plug in Performance (replaces standard ECU with no mods to wiring required)
  • Fuel Trim Switches adjust fuel mapping by +12.5% to -10% in Lo, Mid and Hi throttle bands
  • Adjustments require only a screwdriver and integrated switches provide visual feedback.
  • Simple to install with mounting hardware supplied (where required)
  • V-Boost - Programmable Voltage Boost Circuit for maximising Spark Energy across the entire rev range
  • Higher / Lower Rev Limit (where required)
  • Robust design is fully encapsulated and O-ring sealed
  • Diagnostic Flash codes - tests for sensor faults and flashes codes to OEM FI light
  • Race Proven reliability
  • Re Programmable (Software and Interface hardware not Included)

All Vortex products are factory programmed with Performance Fuel and Ignition Maps developed through extensive dyno and track testing by Vortex Ignitions engineers with our network of race teams worldwide.

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Extra informatie

Artikelnummer VXCDI250CRF14
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Prijs € 769,95


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